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The Final Battle (5)
Lovino was sitting in a tree, his soldiers were camped out underneath him. He was currently over in China fighting against Yao and his army. He had been waiting for Feliciano on the ground, but with the chance of the Chinese army striking at any minute, he decided that sitting in a tree would be safer than anything.
Lovino looked over "I'm in the tree, Fratello" he said softly before watching his brothers caramel eyes turn towards him.
"Ve~! How did you get up there?"
"I climbed, dumb-ass" Lovino snapped before sighing "Where have you been?"
"I was with Luddy!"
"Bastardo!" Lovino yelled, causing their army to look over at him "He's the enemy, you're not supposed to be talking to him!"
"But Lovi"
"Don't call me that!" Lovino snapped "Only Antonio can call me that!" he stopped and clenched his fists as he realized what he had just said, a small blush spread across his cheeks as he looked down at his lap. "I know you want to be with the Potato-Bastard right now, Feli" he said
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The Final Battle (4)
Gilbert winced slightly as he heard his brothers voice echoing through the house, he had just gotten back from his boyfriends house. His mind was still on how America was being bombed, who had done it and was it a declaration of war. He sighed and stood up, his ruby eyes slipping closed as he ran his pale fingers through his even paler hair. “Ich komme, Bruder!” he yelled as he heard Ludwig call for him once again “ein Moment, Bitte!”
“Du kommst jetzt, wir sind unter Beschuss!“
Gilbert froze at his brothers words ‘They’re under attack?’ he thought as he ran out of the basement and to the living room where his brother sat with Feliciano “By whom?” he asked he watched the younger German’s face. He raised an eyebrow when Ludwig looked at the teary eyed Italian “Italia?” he asked
Gilbert blinked before laughing “Norway can’t defeat us” he said p
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The Final Battle (3)
Elizaveta swallowed back her tears and her apologies as she looked up at Alfred; the American was covered in blood from his head to his toes. His once bright and happy blue eyes were now a darker blue from grief, pain and exhaustion. “America” she said softly she slowly rose to her feet, even with bombing he had won. She had even made sure to strike the White House because that was where Alfred’s heart was. The Hungarian nation was wearing a new outfit; it was a sleeveless white on the top with a brown stripe down the middle. She also wore a very loose dark brown skirt but it had black shorts underneath it. A small sleeve of fabric rested just below her left shoulder and on it was a shield. Her right arm had a glove like cloth on it. Her hair was left down but the flower was an off white instead of the normal pinkish-red. She was holding duel pistols since she didn’t like using the giant guns like the rest of her army.
“You’re stronger than we gave y
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The Final Battle (2)
Matthew didn't have to wait very long, maybe an hour before Alfred suddenly clutched his chest with a yelp. He didn't have to ask what had happened, he already knew. A bomb had landed in the United States, probably near Washington since that was where Alfred's heart was. The Canadian looked up at Gilbert, the Prussian didn't look like he was in pain, but he was looking at Matthew with a look that said 'what's happening?' The blond let out a sign as he lay down against Gilbert, his eyes closing as he waited for the Prussian to get bombed as well.
"Alfred? What's happening?" Gilbert asked as he looked at the American who had gone extremely pale
"I-I don't know" Alfred said softly as a small amount of blood slipped from between his lips before he coughed into his hand, splattering his palm with the dark red liquid.
"Mattie?" Gilbert asked looking down at the Canadian that was once again crying "What's happening to your brother?"
Matthew just buried his face into Gilbert's chest, trying to
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The Final Battle (1)
The entire room went quiet as the nations looked around at each other; each of them had no clue what to say to what Harper had just announced. Eventually a small voice poked up from the left side of the room. “It’s just us?” The Finish blond said hesitantly as his own soft purple eyes looking at Harper.
Stephan nodded “Yes, just you guys” he said “we have brought this meeting together now so that we can attack without the other nations knowing about our plan. A surprise attack as I like to call it”
Matthew’s entire body was numb ‘Harper’s making me fight not just my brother and father’ he thought as he stared at the table ‘but also my boyfriend?’
“Do you have something to say, Canada?”
Matthew jumped slightly as the hand touched his shoulder “Why?” he said, his voice barely above a whisper as he looked up at Harper “Why now?”
“Because I believe that all the nations he
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The Final Battle (Introduction)
Matthew looked down the hall, he and a few other nations such as the Italy twins, Roderich, Elizaveta and Arthur, were called to a meeting room. They had each received a simple letter in the mail the week before giving them a time, date and location for a secret meeting, but that was it. The Canadian took a breath before knocking on the door, it was a few seconds later before it opened, showing a man dressed completely in black “M-Mr. Harper?” he said as he recognized his prime minister “What are you doing here?”
“Ah, good of you to join us, Canada” Harper said as he pulled the second largest nation into the room “We were just waiting on you”
Matthew looked around the room; aside from the nations listed earlier there was also Tino, Kiku, and Lukas. He bowed his head slightly towards the others nations in recognition before going to a seat that had his flag in front of it. Aside from the nations, their leaders were also present; except for
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Fall of Captain America
Fury looked at the screen, it was covered in little red dot showing where the enemy was. It was also a giant map of downtown Manhattan, and several multicolored dots showing where the avengers were seeing how they were scattered throughout the city. Blue was Steve, Yellow was Natasha, Green was Bruce, White was Clint, Gray was Thor and Orange was Tony. At the moment, all five colored dots were completely surrounded by red dots and Loki, the giant red dot in the center, was currently facing off the smaller Gray dot of Thor. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the blue dot flicker and disappear….
"Rogers is down" Fury said into the headset he had on "I repeat, Rogers is down"
Steve whipped his shield around; the enemy was too many and was gaining ground quickly. "H-Hawkeye!" he said desperately as they surrounded him "I need backup!"
Sorry, Captain. I'm a bit pre-occupied
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Heartbreak (Fem!Canada) by lilredd3394 Heartbreak (Fem!Canada) :iconlilredd3394:lilredd3394 0 4
Newborn -P1-
Matthew watched his prey, his red eyes narrowing slightly, his tongue gently licking his right fang as he darted forward, his unnaturally enhanced speed making it easy to catch the human. Pulling the man's head back by the long black hair, he sank his fangs into the pale flesh, releasing the delicious red liquid called blood. His eyes closed happily as he drank, making sure he wasn't drinking when the humans heart stopped, after all, that would kill him, drinking blood from a dead man. Several minutes later he released the man, letting the soon to be dead body drop into a heap at his feet, licking his lips to get the blood off his face before he went to look for new prey. He was a newborn; he had been changed three days prior by someone by the name of Francis Bonnefoy, once of the most wanted vampires. Matthew continued walking, his eyes once again scanning the streets for someone he could eat.
Matthew stopped and smiled "Francis" he said turning to face the elder vampire tha
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Queens of Wonderland P1
Madaline walked down the street, her white shoes clicking on the ground. She was meeting up with her cousin, Amy, at the park. They did this every saturday since they both lived alone. She let out a sigh as she looked down at her feet 'I wish I could find someone that loves me' she thought biting her soft pink lip 'anyone would be fine, just as long as I'm not alone anymore'
Francis sat in his throne "I don't care" he said looking at Raoul, his servent and friend "Just find me a maiden, one you think would be perfect for me"
"Yes, sir"
Francis looked up at the ceiling, it was no fun being the White King of Wonderland if he didn't have a Queen to rule with him.
Madaline stopped as a snow white cat walked up to her "Hello" she said smiling before it grabbed her dress in it's teeth and started pulling her down
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Queens of Wonderland (Intro)
Madaline brushed out her white dress, it wasn't a special occasion but she was planning on talking a walk around town. Her long blond hair was pulled back into two pigtails that curled down to her lower back. Her bright violet eyes scanned herself in the mirror, she was small, around 5'2". She was short for being 21.
Amy popped a sucker into her mouth, her blue dress was blowing in the wind with her short blond hair. Her sky blue eyes sparkled behind thin wire glasses. She was 5'7" and 23, her cousin, Madaline, was meeting her at the park for their evening pick-nick.
Alice glared at herself in the mirror, her green dress set out her eyes way too much. Her blond hair was laying flat down her back as she looked away from her appearance. She was 5'4" and the age of 19.
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Mature content
Heat (AmeCan) :iconlilredd3394:lilredd3394 25 1
Living hell -3-
Matthew gasped as his eyes flew open, he was alone again. This time the room was the size of a small closet. A cry escaped his lips as he started shaking "Let me out!!" he begged, tears rolling down his face "Please!" he buried his face as he started hyperventilating.
"Calm him down!!"
Matthew felt hands gently touch his shoulders but his mind was still freaking out.
"Calm down"
Matthew stiffened as arms wrapped around him, holding him to someone's chest. Slowly he started relaxing "Get me out" he whispered, almost instantly he was picked up and carried into a larger room. He buried his face in the man's chest as his breathed slowly returned to normal.
He wants to hurt you
'He's protecting me' Matthew thought as he was set on a bed
That's what he wants you to think
Matthew was too tired to reply, he slowly looked up at the man "who-?" he started
Matthew smiled "Matthew" he whispered before falling asleep
Get up before your father realizes you're still asleep
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Guardian Angel -1-
Matthew looked at Arthur, the single feather from his childhood hanging around his neck. Ever since he turned sixteen, Arthur, his savior, had been helping him to start flying. No progress was being made. He sighed for the third time and put his head on the table "Maybe I'm not meant to go home, Arthur" he said softly
"Of course you are, Lad" Arthur said putting a hot cup of tea next to the angel "Now drink your tea"
Matthew smiled and straightened up "Can we try again?" he asked hopefully
"maybe tonight, Matthew" Arthur said sitting down at the table and sipping his own cup of earl grey tea
Matthew nodded and picked up the cup "why haven't the people who killed Mother come after me yet?" he asked before taking a small sip
"You're full of questions aren't you, lad" Arthur said putting his tea down and looking at the angel "I'm sure the lord is protecting you as he does for everyone"
"Then why didn't he protect mother?"
"You said those demons took you two by s
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Mature content
Living Hell -2- :iconlilredd3394:lilredd3394 0 1
Welcome to Living hell
Matthew watched as the inmates walking past him, he heard them asking why he, a small twelve year old boy, was there.
you're as messed up as they are, kid
"thank you, Voi" Matthew muttered with a frown as he was led to the cafeteria by his personal doctor. The room was huge, and had at least thirty or so people with five round tables, and about seven chairs per table. Matthew was led to a des k in the corner, it was his personal table. He sat down and hugged his stuffed bear to his chest as a tray of food was placed in front of him. He muttered a quick thanks before he started eating
Why do you still have that bear your dead brother gave you?
"Shut the Voi" Matthew said as his fork paused a few inches from his mouth "Why I do and don't do doesn't concern you"
You look down right pathetic, kid. Seriously, get rid of it. Rip it's head off just like your dear brother
"Shut up!" Matthew yelled, making everyone in the room jump and look at him. He looked back at his foo
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Angel With A Shotgun by Biology-of-Pencils Angel With A Shotgun :iconbiology-of-pencils:Biology-of-Pencils 226 33
Awesome Being Evil Epilogue
A cute girlish sneeze came from his right, the albino smiled down at his Canadian.
“Cold?” he asked and draped one of his great feathered wings across his shoulders. The albino, Gilbert the angel, wasn’t worried about being seen like he normally would. Why? Because he and his boyfriend, Matthew, were walking deeper and deeper into a forest that Gilbert had taken him too.
“A little,” Matthew said and leaned closer into Gilbert’s side, his polar bear plushie held tightly against his chest. A year had passed since that horrible Halloween, the air was cold and crisp, and the leaves had changed from green to a variation of yellows, oranges and reds.
“Whatever this is fucking stupid,” a voice growled. Gilbert smirked.
Oh no it’s not, he thought.
Matthew looked over his shoulder at Lovino, who had his arms crossed and was pouting. The blonde figured it was because Gilbert had woken him up so early in the morning proclaiming ‘Today is
:icondredpiratebones:DredPirateBones 15 16
Happy (Belated) Catnada Day by Lupoartistico Happy (Belated) Catnada Day :iconlupoartistico:Lupoartistico 112 49
I'm Your Meaning
What am I doing here? There's nothing to live for in this world. Nobody knows me, not my name. Nobody even sees me. I don't understand what I did, or didn't do, to deserve such bad treatment. Why do people ignore me? Is it because I'm ugly? I'm not worth it? I'm fat? I try my hardest for people, but they never see me. The only time when they do, is when they mistake me for my brother. My brother...
I wish I was him. I wish I was brave enough to talk out my mind. To walk with pride on my shoulders, and to laugh aloud at danger. To do anything I want, and slyly get out of the results if bad. I wish I was him. He's got it all. Friends, popularity, a girlfriend, everything I could possibly want in this world. When introducing us to new people, our parents say that's my son. They say it with proud in their eyes, that's my son, Alfred. Isn't he something? They never say something like that about me? They don't even say my name at all. I just stand there, watching my brother but
:iconjapanemogirl:JapanEmoGirl 15 12
Baby Cakes by SilentReaper Baby Cakes :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 4,729 426
Mature content
Hetalia AU- New Little Limbo Pt1 :iconkarma-maple:Karma-Maple 8 5
To Lose a Canadian: PruCan
It was much too early for this. Gilbert cracked one red eye open and quickly closed it again. The sunlight that was filtering weakly through the partially closed curtains was just a bit too bright for his liking. He snuggled back under the covers when he noticed a problem: there was a certain Canadian warmth missing.
Gilbert groaned, not wanting to venture from beneath the deep red down comforter but not wanting to go back to sleep without his favourite fiancé to cuddle with. He knew it was a tendency of the Canadian to steal all of the top blanket and huddle in some obscure corner of the bed.  All Gilbert had to do was find him.
Now finding a person on a bed shouldn’t be that hard but this bed was special. Matthew had wanted just a normal bed, one big enough for the two of them with modest pricing and accented with modest blankets. He regretting ever letting Gilbert accompany him to the store. Gilbert had wondered off while Matthew was looking at the decent
:iconbirdiebear:BirdieBear 91 16
APH Dance With Me by Owyn-Sama APH Dance With Me :iconowyn-sama:Owyn-Sama 119 2
My Canadian Vampire: Chapter 2
My Canadian Vampire
Chapter 2
Matthew Williams had been living his normal life of being ignored and forgotten, until one day it all changed...
Gilbert arrived as fast as he could, kicking down the Canadian's front door. He rushed in, skidding to a stop, gasping as he sees the limp body on the floor.
"Birdie!" He screeched, and fell to his knees in front of the lad.
When he got no answer, or movement, from the limp body, he began to panic, and shook him on the shoulder, shouting things in German. When still not getting an answer, he checked for a pulse, breaking into sobs when there was none.
"Mein kleiner Birdie!" he wailed, pride forgotten at the moment.
After what seemed forever for the sobbing Prussian, Matthew shifted, with a long groan.  
"Mon dieu....."
Gilbert looked up, and gasped, "Birdie! You're alive!"
Matthew blinked, and pushed himself up into a sitting posit
:icongermankitties:GermanKitties 2 6
Tony Stark Work In Progress by im-sorry-thx-all-bye
Mature content
Tony Stark Work In Progress :iconim-sorry-thx-all-bye:im-sorry-thx-all-bye 5,818 827
Dieppe Raid - A PruCan story
Matthew silenced the rest of his troops as he took a glance out of the window. The afternoon sun was shining over the northern French Port town of Dieppe, and if it wasn't for the sound of gunfire and the smell of burning fuel lingering in the air, it would have been a beautiful place to visit. But now, the Canadian could only look over to the beach, the bodies of his fellow soldier's scattered over the shingle beach, tanks abandoned and burning along the promenade.
"What now, Canada?" murmured one of the soldiers, as he trod carefully towards him. The nation sighed and turned to face the small squad that was left, focusing on the Corporal that had spoken. The rest of them were kneeling down between the slot machines and gambling tables of the casino they had held themselves in.
"I don't know," he whispered back, ensuring the rest didn't hear him. "There's too many Germans." He turned back to the window, as the Corporal returned to the troops, helping those more injured then the rest.
:iconluna-tsukino:luna-tsukino 37 36
APH: Old photo by Kohane-hime APH: Old photo :iconkohane-hime:Kohane-hime 317 25
PruCan Hetaween Contest Entry
PruCan Hetaween Contest Entry
Canada sighed, gazing out the bay window of his house overseeing the beautiful forest scenery in his backyard with Kumajirou napping beside him. Tonight was Halloween – the one freaky night out of the year that he was always hesitant to leave the house, but this year was different. He had been asked to spend the whole night with none other than Prussia himself.
Given they WERE going out, but that wasn't the problem. Prussia wanted to do a number of things that, quite frankly, Canada was too queasy to try. The list went from: pranking kids (not for their candy, but to help make them scared because “that's what Halloween is all about!”) to going trick or treating themselves. However, the ideas just didn't sit well with Canada, and eventually he was forced to admit to his lover his irrational fear of all things creepy and freaky on the night of Halloween. Plus, the moon was a bright, full orange – more than a sign to stay inside
:iconpokebw4evr:PokeBW4Evr 22 9
PruCan hug by PiffBee PruCan hug :iconpiffbee:PiffBee 270 72
Mature content
Prussia's Awesome Tattoo and Piercing Parlour :iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 50 69
Gute Nacht, Guten Morgen
It started out as a summer cold.  Prussia would cough occasionally and have a sneezing fit every now and again, but it hindered nothing in his life besides his ability to talk (though to him, this was one hell of a punishment).  Nothing was especially concerning about the fact that the albino nation had caught this mild illness.
Except, of course, for the fact that he was a nation.
Nations generally do not catch illnesses without a proper reason - their economic state, their people, their land, etc.; these were all ways that a nation could become ill, since they did not seem to catch normal human illnesses.  Prussia was almost an exception, however, since he had actually experienced the "death of nations," dissolving, once in his life.  He had only been back for a short time, less than two human years, but in that time, he had done everything he'd wanted to do before he dissolved.  He had mended his relationship with his brother, which led to a sort of "truce" between him and Romano, h
:iconnajikasun:NajikaSun 65 103



United States
Hello, my name is Brittany

I like writing stories when I'm bored.

I'm a total Hetalia fangirl and an absolute Yaoi(guyXguy) fangirl.


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