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Lovino looked at Ludwig as he sat down at the table "thanks for letting me move in with you, Ludwig" he said as the german put a plate of pasta in front of him "I didn't know you cooked pasta"
"Feliciano taught me" Ludwig said before grabbing his plate of wurst "normally I would have just made wurst, but knowing you, you'd never eat it" he paused and looked at the Italian "and you need to eat something"
Lovino looked down at the pasta before picking up the fork "you'd better not have done anything to it" he said before taking a bit, he almost hummed like he did when Antonio cooked something good, but then he reminded himself that this was ludwig's cooking he was eating. He placed his fork down on his plate and just stared at the pasta "Why?" he whispered, he saw Ludwig look at him from his peripheral vision.
"Why what, Lovino?" Ludwig asked taking a bite from his wurst "Why am I letting you stay here?"
"yes, We both obviously dislike each other! We're both depressed because our boyfriends cheated on us with each other" Lovino said bit his lips as tears filled his eyes as a lumped appeared in his throat "and you're ok with that?"
"I never said I was ok with that" Ludwig said putting his fork down as well "I do think that we should get over it, Feliciano had been acting weird for a few months. I knew something was about to happen, and I'm sure Antonio had been acting the same"
Lovino gulped before he nodded, Antonio did seem a little jumpy when he brought up Feliciano, even more when he talked about him spending time with the younger Italian. Lovino sighed "Yeh, I guess you're right" he said looking up at the german "but I still love Antonio, I'm sure if he thought things through he'll realize his mistake. Then you could have Feliciano back and I could have Tony back"
"I don't want Feliciano back" Ludwig said flatly "and if Antonio willingly let go one of the best things that even happened to him, then he doesn't deserve to have you back"
Lovino thought what Ludwig said over before his eyes grew "what do you mean?" he asked his face turning pink
"You're different then Feliciano, he was weak and you're not. Sure he looked innocent, but innocence isn't always better" Ludwig said, his blue eyes looking into the elder Italians brown eyes "You're better then Feliciano in more ways than one, from what I've seen since we've met. You know how to fight for yourself; you don't depend on other people like Feliciano did constantly. Plus, you're much cuter then he is, especially when you blush"
Lovino looked down; his whole face was on fire. Did Ludwig really mean what he said? Or is he just saying that to get on his good side "You don't mean it" he whispered biting his lip "just like Tony never meant the words he said either" he stood up and walked away from the table, his heart just couldn't accept that Tony didn't want him anymore. Lovino walked into Feliciano's old bedroom and locked the door behind him. He didn't want Ludwig to see him shed tears; he didn't even want to admit that he still cried. The only time anyone had seen him cry was when Antonio had been attacked by his pet bull, just because he was stupid and chose to wear red before he had completely tamed the beast.  Lovino sat down on the bed and put his head in his arms as a sob came from his throat "Why" he muttered as he laid back on the bed, his face being buried into the pillow "Why did you leave me for him? Was I not good enough for you, Tony?" He didn't acknowledge the sound of knocking from his door, or Ludwig talking to him. He didn't want to acknowledge anyone anymore; he wanted to become a shadow, unseen and unheard. Lovino soon felt a hand touch his shoulder; he looked out from his pillow. Ludwig was looking at him, concern was written all over his face. "What do you want, Ludwig?" he asked sitting up, he wiped his tears away, but they just kept coming back.
"I'm sorry if I said anything that hurt you" Ludwig said sitting on the bed next to Lovino "I was trying to make you feel better, but I guess it didn't work"
"You were right" Lovino whispered, he was mentally punching himself for admitting he was wrong "If Antonio willingly left me for Feliciano, then that's his problem. There's nothing I can do about it"
Ludwig put his hand on the Italians shoulder "come on, Dinners getting cold" he said standing up "and Feliciano killed the microwave, I have yet to get a new one"
Lovino nodded as the German walked back towards the kitchen "Thank you, Ludwig" he whispered before getting up and following Ludwig.
YaY!! Another chapter!
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OfficialTL Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student Writer
Wait.... How did Ludwig get inside the room if it was locked....? *O*
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"And Feliciano killed the microwave" Marshmallow in the Microwave 
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more plz *cough / falls on floor* i'll die without GerMano yaoi
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okay...NOW I can use an icon :iconamericapartyhardplz: forgot to say in my review that you should update soon because this is just awesome!
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Thank you! I'm working on P3 right now XD I depating on putting Yaoi in it
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It's my way of saying chapter 3 or Part 3
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